Nutripure Center


Dear customers, our website is currently under construction.. We ask for your patience. In a few days you can find out more about our new treatments. We thank you.

The philosophy of Nutripure Center, the best for your health and beauty in one place.

The 10 main reasons  to visit us:

  •  Regaining health through nutrition and the program “ADELGASANA”
  • Relax with aromatherapy treatments from the Orient and Asia such as Tanaka, Enigma or Malungo.
  • Cellulite program and solid modeling “OPERATION BIKINI” with Medestec and Dr.Juchheim Cosmetics
  • Purification and detoxification with Ultra cavitation and Lip Laser
  • Excellent service  and using of the best products for skin care
  • More acquire knowledge about beauty, health and wellbeing (workshop, seminars and courses)
  • Enjoy the professionally trained at our own school therapist
  • Switch off in an atmosphere of peace, harmony and tranquillity
  • Have a great time with friends and / or loved ones and recharge the batteries. Enjoy our specialty in our couples room.
  • Everlasting beauty  with Ligne Saint Claire Cosmetics

The future of your beauty starts now ….

In our specific beauty Room we offer latest technology such as radio frequency, hydroporation, bio Lifting, medestec and proven treatment methods from the past – simply the best for your beauty.


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